Huggies Dry Pants M Size Baby Diapers (For 6-11kg baby) 60pcs


Give nothing but the best to your active toddler with Huggies Dry Pants! Particularly designed for its all-around soft waistband, double leak barriers, and leg elastics, giving your baby 360 degree Comfort Fit that flexes with your baby?s active movements with extra protection against leaks. With Blue Quick Dry Layer and Overnight Protection that locks fluid away from leaking and ensures up to 12-hours dryness. Huggies Dry Pants guarantee a 100% breathable outer cover to allow air to escape faster to help prevent diaper rash.

  • 360 comfort fit waistband
  • Blue Quick Dry Layer
  • Overnight protection
  • Double leak barriers
  • 100% breathable outer cover




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