SEIKO Sports Counter KT-601

  • Count and display Game Score
  • Multi-function ? more than 10 types of sports
  • Portable & easy to handle
  • 1 year Warranty included

RM 4,000.00 / unit

Sports Counter

  • KT-601

Scores multiple sports including basketball, volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Boxing and Wrestling etc.
Also can be used as a pacer for training etc.

? Can be used as a stopwatch, countdown timer or pacer
? Can be operated from backside control panel or wireless remote
(KT-601RC; included)
? Programmable game timer counts up or down from 99:59 with scores for two teams up to 199
? Buzzer when timer reaches zero, or can be manually controlled

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Innotex System Corporation Sdn Bhd

L1-05, Jalan Perkasa 1/1, Taman Perkasa,
43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor
(+60)3-9021 1308


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